Birthday Parties

Recently, Starships had a chance to work on an army-themed party for our beloved 6-year-old customer, in which we chose to focus on the greenish decoration.

We helped our little one stand out on the forefront with his army buddies at a bash fit for the strongest soldiers in town. With our green balloons and other supplies provided, such as those camouflage posters and toys, we really added the perfect feel to Matthew’s party.

Here at Starships, we are open to any kinds of idea and favorites from our customers. We have an array of colours of balloons and other party supplies, which are always ready to add the taste to your party, and make it the best one you’d ever had!

Note: Choice of balloons and colour combinations are chosen by client.

Shown in photo: 40" Number Foil Balloon, Army-themed Balloon Bundle
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