Helium Gas Services

Starships Balloons offers a great variety of products and services to assist with your Party preparation. 


Our in store balloon inflation service covers everything from single balloons to orders for large party venues. You can find all our locations under "Locate".

  • Vivo City
  • CIty Square Mall
  • Hillion Mall
  • The Star Vista
  • IMM Mall
  • Far East Orchid
  • City Square Mall
  • Wcega Tower
  • Katong Flower Shop
  • (Not available for helium services) Capitol Piazza
  • (Not available for helium services) OUE Downtown Gallery
  • (Not available for helium services) Katong i12

For large balloon orders (orders of 200 or more) are placed 7 days in advance to ensure that the store has enough helium and balloons to meet your requirements. Please contact us (+65 9144 2134) in advance to make sure that we can accommodate your order.

Pricing for Helium Gas Service :

Latex Balloon

  • 10 inch (~25cm) Latex Balloon - $2
  • 12 inch (~30cm) Latex Balloon - $3
  • 16 inch (~40cm) Latex Balloon - $5

Foil Balloon

  • 18 inch (~45cm) Foil Balloon - $7
  • 24 inch (~60cm) Foil Balloon - $9
  • 32 inch (~81cm) Foil Balloon - $12
  • 36 inch (~91cm) Foil Balloon - $14
  • 40 inch (~101cm) Foil Balloon - $16

Note: There is a risk of the balloons bursting during the pumping of helium due to the condition/quality of balloons before being handed over to us or due to drastic elemental changes. In this case, the helium inflation service charge will be refunded but the balloons will not be refunded.


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