Wedding Proposals

Finding creative marriage proposal ideas is tough.

At Starships, we take all the proposals seriously. We understand that every proposal needs to express the unique details of every relationship. Here is one of the marriage proposals that Starships Balloons has prepared for our beloved soon-to-be-husband-and-wife couple.

To help our customer propose to his girlfriend, we have set up the place with different types of balloons paired with LED Lights to bring a warm and romantic atmosphere. We have also collaborated with a florist to prepare a flower bouquet and petals for him as we believe flowers are essentials that cannot be missed out in any romantic events.

With a well-prepared and romantic setting, your partner will appreciate what you have done and it will be hard for your loved one to reject a proposal like this.

Not only a marriage proposal, but Starships Balloons also prepares for any type of event. We take every event as important as it is to our beloved customers.

Please contact us for enquiries at +65 9144 2134.

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