Starships Balloons X Oven Lust

Starships Balloons X Oven Lust
Birthday celebration is probably one of the most important yearly events in your entire life. No matter how old you are, you always want to have a memorable birthday party with your family and friends.

That being said, why not let Starships help you create a meaningful birthday party just as what we did for Celeste's First Year Birthday.

How is it called a Birthday Party without a cake and balloons? Starships has collaborated with Oven Lust to prepare a cake for Celeste. Oven Lust is a bakery specializing in custom cakes baked from scratch with love and passion. As Celeste wants a unicorn-themed party, we paired it with unicorn balloons and a rainbow cake with 2 transparent confetti.

If you wish to have a birthday party with your own theme like Celeste, don’t forget to follow both @Starshipsballoons and @Ovenlust for the best party combination ever!


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