Starships And Our New Scope For 2018


As 2017 has closed, a new year has opened for all of us, and for Starships as well. Even though we are a newbie in this industry, we have gained some success to end 2017. Balloons are not unfamiliar with anyone. We all know that they are used for decorating birthday parties, weddings, corporate functions, school events, basically every single festive gatherings. And this is why Starships is born; we are here to bring joy and excitement to all of your events.



Remember the magic of being invited and going to a friend’s birthday party as a kid? The games, the cake (with hidden coins wrapped in tinfoil), the loot bags that you hoped were jam-packed with candy… There’s a wonderful nostalgia that we have for those simple joys and childlike wonder. To recapturing those sentiments, Starships is working to bring a fresh and unique spin to old-fashioned party essentials, like balloons, flowers, confetti with a handcrafted touch, etc. Not only these decorations would captivate preschoolers, but they are also perfect for adults looking to trip down memory lane. Happy days will never be gone!




At Starships, balloons can be simple or complex upon your theme. There’s so much more to balloon decoration than helium and numbers marking age and anniversary years. We have an ability to customize each balloons with different ingredients, such as feathers, petals, etc. They can be great focal points, playing on the party theme. Try ones with patterns or unexpected texture, such as feather inside with laces or pompons. Or create a fantastic retro feel with painted polka-dot balloons in pastels, etc.

Balloons can definitely be transformed into a space much like an art installation. So be inspired! Starships is looking forward to a more successful year by bringing new and fresh idea to the industry, and to our beloved customers. Our new scope for this year would be establish more store outlets in many different neighborhoods, so be prepared to look out for us!

Written: LT

Photo credit: Starships Facebook

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