Starships and Oven Lust Are Bringing In The Best Party Combination



Birthday celebration is probably one of the most important yearly events in your entire life. No matter how old you are, you always want to have a memorable birthday party with your family and friends. A lot of people think that a birthday party size is inversely proportional to their ages, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a well-decorated party. 
When thinking of a birthday decoration, some of the first things that might come to your mind instantly are cakes, balloons, flowers, candles, … That being said, why not let Starships help you create a meaningful birthday party just as what we did for Celeste’s First Year Birthday.


Image: @Ovenlust



How is it called a Birthday Party without a cake and balloons? But buying balloons and cakes from 2 different stores will definitely cost a lot of time and effort. Starships has now collaborated with Oven Lust. Oven Lust is a bakery specializing in custom cakes baked from scratch with love and passion. As Celeste wants a unicorn-themed party, we paired a unicorn cake prepared by Oven Lust with unicorn balloons and a rainbow cake with 2 transparent confetti. Obviously, Starships can always do the same for everyone. We will corporate with you to create an event from your own idea, just as what we have done for Celeste. 
If you wish to have a birthday party with your own theme like Celeste, don’t forget to follow both @Starshipsballoons and @Ovenlust for the best party combination ever!



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