Starships Has Established Our New Partnership With MyPrincessWand

Starships balloons in MyPrincessWand’s photoshoot session. Image: Instagram @myprincesswand


Recently, Starships just collaborated with MyPrincessWand, which is a clothing line for women and kids. They strongly focus on self-designed twinning wear for mommy and their little princess. There is nothing more adorable than wearing matching outfits with your little girl. MyPrincessWand promises to bring the perfect mother-daughter outfits. Whether you are searching for dressy or casual outlooks, MyPrincessWand will help you and your little one get ready for any special occasions in no time.



To prepare for their upcoming launch, MyPrincessWand and Starships had worked together on a photoshoot session. As customized balloons are also one of Starships’ strengths, we provided balloons for the photoshoot in different shapes and colors according on the photoshoot concept and theme color.


We are more than happy to be a collaborator this time with MyPrincessWand. As so far, Starships has made collaborating effort with different types of local businesses. Our scope here is to continue building more partnerships with any types of businesses to bring our best products and to create the colors for your events. Starship promises to help you deliver a special gift to your loved ones.

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