Who Says Balloons are Just for Kids’ Birthday Parties?

Photo by [Sam Ortiz] (https://www.samortiz.com)
When we were kids, balloons were a sign of a party, but in fact, aren’t they still a must-have thing in every party. From a small birthday party, to a bridal shower, or wedding reception, you can spot balloons pop up everywhere in the circuit.


To help you out and translate this trend to your party decor, Starships has put together a team who can help you premix different colors of balloons for your special needs. In addition, to save the hassle, we also have other options for you. Either you can just tell us your party’s theme color, and we will take care of the rest, or you can take one of our ready-made packets and go.

For Starships, we do not present ourself as balloons-tied-at-the-party-entrance type of deal, but we are here for a new revolution of creativity. We’ve got all the ideas right here from a simple wall covered with one-colored balloons to colorful balloons hanging from the ceiling with all kinds of shapes and numbers. Seriously, everyone embraces balloons!

View the article at: https://medium.com/@Starships.balloons/who-says-balloons-are-just-for-kids-birthday-parties-551a9a85974c

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