Hearts and Kisses Bundle

Hearts and Kisses Bundle

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  • 1 x Lip Shape Balloon
  • 2 x 24" Foil Balloons
  • 3 x 18" Foil Balloons
3 x 10" Latex Balloons

Add $18.90 to personalise your message on 24" Heart & 24" Star Balloons (total of 2 pcs)!
Recommended: 5-8 letters, 2-3 lines (Please indicate message on checkout, do give us 3 days advance notice for personalisation services!)

    Bundle includes Helium and can only be self-collected or delivered
    Inclusive of Strings and Excludes Weights
    You may want to purchase a 35g Pyramid Weight with Stone
    Bundle can be held by a 35g Pyramid Weight w stone

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